Stamping on Fabric Video — Holly Linford

We're going to give you some tips for stamping on fabric, like this sample from our 2013-2014 catalog.
To get these bright, vibrant colors, we used acrylic paints instead of ink. You can use Stampin' Up! classic inks to stamp on fabrics — it will get a much different look than when using paint. You can find acrylic paints at your local craft store. We recommend bringing swatches of cardstock with you so you can find paints that coordinate with our Stampin' Up! color palette so you will be able to add embellishments like we've done on this towel . We've added Tangerine Tango ribbon and a stamped tag. Once you have your colors ready, you can use a paint tray to work with your paints.
You can stamp on a variety of different fabrics, but you want to make sure you use something with pretty tight fibers—like a cotton tea towel or the muslin bag. It isn't going to work well if your fabric is too fuzzy.
We started with a squirt of orange. Use a sponge dauber to apply paint to the stamp. We are using a leaf from the Gently Falling stamp set. You want the stamp well saturated, but not so much that the paint begins to pool. Stamp on the fabric and hold it for a minute to let the paint absorb. You might want to buy a couple of extra towels so you can practice and get the feel for the paint, and different fabrics will absorb paint in different ways. Acrylic paints will dry pretty quickly. You will also need to heat set the paint using your heat tool.
Instead of trying to find a matching color for the accent color on the these, all you need to do is add a little drop of brown paint. This will give you a slightly darker version of the paint color you have already used, and will always coordinate well. Use the Stamp-a-ma-jig to line your images up and stamp. Be sure to hold the stamp in place for a moment and let the paint absorb.
Since the acrylic paints do dry quickly you will need to clean your stamps as soon as you can. Stampin' Mist works really well to clean the acrylic, so even if you wait until the paint has dried, you should still be able to get them clean with a combination of Stampin' Mist and elbow grease.
Then you can finish off your project with some ribbon and a hand-stamped tag.
Happy stamping!

CreativeLee Yours,

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