Soooo Uncomfortable

2014 was a wonderful year for me and my Stampin’ Up! business. I was able to accomplish a couple big goals I had been working on for some time thanks to the support my wonderful team and customers. I do have the best team and customers and appreciate all they do to support me. One of the goals I achieved was my next promotion to Senior Manager! WhooHooo!!!!!Here is a picture taken with one of the incredible Stampin’ Up! staff members (I am the scared one on the right).

Senior manager promotion

At leadership this past week they had a walk across the main stage to recognize anyone that had achieved a promotion this year and I really didn’t want to go up on stage, but my friends talked me into going. Here are some of the persuasive ladies.


Well, not sure this was a good idea…I must say it felt as if I was on that stage FOREVER as I walked across it, but as you can see I made a pretty quick dash across the stage. I wasn’t stopping for anything and I could not believe how uncomfortable I felt up there in front of 1,800 of my stamping friends. 🙂

Senior manager promotion

Currently I am working towards earning the incentive trip to the Mediterranean! The timing will be perfect to celebrate my 25th anniversary with my wonderful husband. I am currently a little over half way there with 5 months to go. Wish me luck!


CreativeLee Yours,




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