Stampin' Wheels Video– Carrie Cudney

Wheels are one of most unique products in our catalog…plus they're economical, they're simple to figure out, and they're really cool!

Let's quickly review some of the basics.
• We have three types of wheels: standard, jumbo, and builder

standard wheelsJumbo Wheels

Builder Wheels
• To use them you'll need a handle. We have a standard handle for the standard wheels, and a jumbo handle for jumbo and builder wheels.
• To get the most out of a builder wheel, you'll also need the spindle and spacers.

Wheel AccessoriesNow besides a wheel and a handle, you are also going to need ink. Of, course you can ink up a wheel by rolling it over one of our ink pads but using a cartridge will provide more even ink coverage so it's easier to get a clear, even image. Cartridges also allow for continuous inking so you don't need to stop and re-ink. Cartridges come in basic black or unlinked.

Black has always been a top seller because several of the wheels contain line-art images that you can wheel in black, and then color in using other techniques.

Un-inked cartridges were designed for you to ink yourself in whatever color or fashion you desire — so they are actually kind of fun.

To ink an unlinked cartridge, use tip of re-inker bottle to roll the roller so you don't get your fingers messy. Cover the roller with ink until you can't see the natural sponge color anymore. Ink a little while before you make your project so the ink has a chance to absorb and saturate the roller for more even coverage. You can use coordinating marker to write the color on the label.

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