We want to show off this amazing Gift Bow Bigz L Die. This die is so easy to easy and the end result is beautiful! To use the die build your regular sandwich using the Standard Cutting Pads, and run it through the Big Shot.

This die is different from our other dies — it's a steel roll die and that means it can cut three to four pieces of paper at a time. It can also cut fabric!

When you have cut your paper you will have five bow pieces. Now you can get to bow making. You will need a bone folder, and SNAIL Adhesive. Run your bone folder over the paper and break up the paper fibers and then assemble!

To make the large bow you will need the large piece, the two bow end pieces and the wrap piece. Put a little bit of SNAIL in the middle of the large piece, and fold the ends of the large piece in on its self. Then bend the wrap piece around the middle to create a finished look. Then adhere the end pieces onto the bow.

To make the smaller bow you will need to cut out two pieces of paper on the Gift Bow Bigz L Die. Take two of the bow pieces and fold them in half. Adhere them to each other in the middle and assemble the same way as large bow.

You can play with the pieces to create as simple or as elaborate bows as you want!

Don't have a Big Shot? We've still got you covered, check out our new Pretty Presents Designer Bow Kit. It comes with enough to make ten paper bows, and it looks fabulous on our new Extra-Large Gift Box.

Bows are so much fun! Want to try a few more bow designs? Why not take my upcoming Bows, Bows, Bows class? Click here for full class details.

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