Craft Project Central Box of Bangles Gift Set

Today’s Craft Project Central project is designed by Michelle Wecksler , and you can see more of her creations on her blog, Figments of my Imagination

Box of Bangles SP

It’s time to do some upcycling!  Let’s turn some water bottles into
wearable jewelry!  In this month’s project we are going to create Bohemian
bangles and earrings using a plastic water bottle.  We will walk you through
the simple steps to make this fun, wearable jewelry and we will also create
a pretty gift box to hold the jewelry and a card for gift giving.  That
water bottle in your recycle bin is waiting to be transformed!  Let’s get

If you would like to see the complete project, and learn how to make it, you’ll want to subscribe for the month of August. With your subscription, you’ll get illustrated, step-by-step instructions for 10 wonderful projects for only $10! You can find out how to gain access this bonus eleventh project over at Craft Project Central.

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